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All well and good. But shouldn't he, as the professional, told us these frames didn't fit and we should pick out something different before going through all of this. As loyal Sears customers since , we feel ripped off. As the CS person said on the phone, we could bring them back and get a refund. He wants all of his customers to be happy. If that is true, then he should have fitted the glasses instead of jerking us around.

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We are not going back to this Optical department - even to return the glasses. Every experience with them has been bad and we are not subjecting ourselves again. I arrived for my appointment and had to wait 15 minutes before I was helped. I then got on the phone and called my insurance, and I was told that Sears is one of my providers. I told the receptionist what my insurance said.

She then said, "Well, she wasn't the one who called my insurance; whoever worked yesterday called. After another minute wait, I went in the room to see the doctor, who didn't sanitize his hands, didn't explain what he was doing at any time, and didn't clean any equipment or tool that he used. I felt like I was bothering him for services I paid for. And then what I thought was the rudest was he put drops in my eyes and didn't explain what the drops were. As I left the appointment and walked outside, my vision got blurry.

This was the worst eye exam I ever experienced. I would never recommend this Sears to anyone. I still can't believe I was treated like that. I bought regular glasses and sun glasses from Sears optical. Sunglasses were replaced because I couldn't see out of them. I am on a fixed income.

I cannot afford this. I cannot wear the glasses unless I clean them every hour or so. I was told there is nothing more they can do.

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I decided to take them to court. My court date is March 22, I'm tired of running over to Sears for them to tell me it's my fault. Hopefully, the judge is going through the same runaround. For all of you with complaints, settle in court. And I did not get any extras, such as transition lens or anti-reflective lens. I'm feeling really ripped off!

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I really want to cancel the order, but it took me 2 hours in the store between my eye exam, trying to find the right pair, and waiting to be taken care of by an optician. I do not believe I'll go back to Sears for glasses again. I needed one pair of Transitions bifocals; they are very expensive. I have a very small face, and they had almost nothing to fit me.

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But I finally chose something. I waited 2. I decided that the large frame might be the problem. They have no other frames to fit my face. This went on and on for six months, and it has been a very, very bad experience with everyone passing the buck and no one was calling me back. I am writing to the corporate office and hitting the internet, I have to wear my very old glasses until this is resolved, and I can hardly see through them. The price was low but the quality was horrible.

From the beginning, the prescription was wrong. They doctor re-examined my eyes, made a minor change to the prescription. Over the next four months my prescription was "tweaked" at least four more times. There was a little improvement but it still was not right. I finally gave up and accepted the glasses.

I would not recommend Sears Optical. You get what you pay for.

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I scheduled an appointment for glasses online. I called the Ridged Park; they said I had no appointment. I heard bad things about this place and still gave you a chance. I wear my glasses from the moment I wake up until I go to bed so it is hard for me to get them scratched without my knowing it, but they have several scratches all close together. It is now January 27th, and I still haven't received my glasses. They are telling me that it is taking so long, because it is the first of the year, and people are trying to get their benefits from last year, and others are getting their new benefits for I don't feel that is my problem.

I was told that the glasses would be ready on the 20th of January, but they keep making excuses. I will never purchase glasses from Sears Optical again, nor will I advise anyone else to. I asked the person in charge, how much the whole ball of wax would be because I'm on a fixed income. About a week later, they called me to pick up my glasses.

When I tried them on, I had to hold the reading right up to my nose to read it. They seemed discusted with me, but they did my exam again. About a week later, I picked up my glasses. I now have a pretty pair of magnifying glasses. I cannot walk in them though. Got my eyeglasses this fall and charged them to my Sears card.

They refuse to send me a bill. I have been to Sears Optical and they said they can't help me. I need to know what my payments are. I am very discontented at this Sears Optical store in Champaign. I chose Sears Optical because of the reputation Sears has. I got my eye exam there like 7 or 8 months ago and the doctor said my power was -6 both eyes. I also got two pair of glasses at -6 there. I always have this feeling that the prescription isn't right because the doctor was very careless and didn't seem like she took care of me properly I got the contact lenses fitting and she let me try on contact lenses on my own without any guidance or help or advice on what to choose or anything.

And I was feeling very uncomfortable with the new glasses also. But I am not used to returning things so I just came back to adjust but the staff Kellie did a terrible terrible job with adjusting any kinds of glasses She broke my own glasses before I decided to purchase those two glasses. Also because I was feeling weird about the doctor, I did not go back for the follow up. Now I have got a new prescription and saw that the power was. The doctor shouldn't let the patient wear glasses higher than the real prescription. And eye power doesn't go down, it only goes up.

That means my power could have been a whole lot lower than what she prescribes me for. Before I went and got another test, I came back to return the glasses because in the end, I could not get used to them at all and they were extremely uncomfortable. The new store manager, Christ, was the rudest person I have ever met and spoken to. He started accusing me of so many things like "I'm trying to make things difficult for the staff and I'm lying and all that.

I then asked about the doctor and he said she almost got me physically removed from the office before. I thought it was very unsettling to hear that given that I gave more than dollars to this Sears optical store. Rather than kinda explaining to me and did a better job, she wanted to kick me out.

And then he said she left for WalMart in Decatur and she was no longer his responsibility or something like that. I just thought since she operated under Sears name, Sears should be more or less responsible for her.