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Cheap infrared thermometers.

What are others saying? No coupon code is necessary. Discount will be automatically added in your cart. Infrared Open Box Sale Update: Since this post was published the price, availability or promotion has changed. Then adjust the emissivity value to force the indicator to display the correct temperature. Then adjust the emissivity value to force the indicator to display the correct temperature of the material. For high temperature measurements, a hole depth of which is at least 6 times the diameter can be drilled into the object.

This hole acts as a blackbody with emissivity of 1. Measure the temperature in the hole, then adjust the emissivity to force the indicator to display the correct temperature of the material. If the material, or a portion of it, can be coated, a dull black paint will have an emissivity of approx. Measure the temperature of the paint, then adjust the emissivity to force the indicator to display the correct temperature.

Standardized emissivity values for most materials are available see pages These can be entered into the instrument to estimate the material's emissivity value. How can I mount the infrared pyrometer? The pyrometer can be of two types, either fixed-mount or portable.

Fixed mount units are generally installed in one location to continuously monitor a given process. They usually operate on line power, and are aimed at a single point. The output from this type of instrument can be a local or remote display, along with an analog output that can be used for another display or control loop.

Battery powered, portable infrared ''guns'' are also available; these units have all the features of the fixed mount devices, usually without the analog output for control purposes. Generally these units are utilized in maintenance, diagnostics, quality control, and spot measurements of critical processes. Ship engine room technology upgrade Offered more flexibility, smooth operation and reduced need for spare parts. What is an Immersion Heater?

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Please confirm that you have entered the correct information for this credit card number. We're sorry, there was an issue with your credit card, please contact your issuing bank. This card is expired, please update the information or try another card. We're sorry, we're having trouble contacting your bank. The LCD screen is backlit and auto shuts off in 7 seconds. This simple little feature immensely extends battery life. You only need 2 AAA batteries to use this infrared thermometer. We were impressed by how long the batteries lasted.

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This infrared thermometer does not waste energy. The cherry on top of the cake is a 1-year warranty directly from the manufacturer. This infrared thermometer of course. Not only is it accurate, you can own it without depleting your monthly budget. It has an adjustable EMS setting to make readings even more accurate. It comes with really cool added functions. For example, this infrared thermometer can give you the maximum temperature for an area you are scanning. You can check your heater, double check the oven temperature, get readings on boiling sugar for making candy, and many other similar things.

This infrared thermometer measures a spot of about one inch in diameter from a distance of up to 12 inches. You only need to point, take aim, and the infrared thermometer will get to work in seconds. Just pull the trigger and get the readings on the LCD screen almost instantly. It has a rugged exterior that users will love when engaging in DIY or repair projects. If you have been working for a while and your hands are sweaty and coated in oil, you will appreciate the rough handle that can be held up easily. This infrared thermometer is very lightweight too, so you can really put it to use when working on projects.

If you are worried about burning through batteries, which laser thermometers can sometimes do, then this product will perfectly suit your requirements. You can get temperature readings up to degrees Fahrenheit. You can use the device from about 12 inches in distance but closer the better. That is a good enough threshold for household use.

The infrared thermometer comes with an auto shut off feature and even a low-battery indicator. Then you will definitely love this one. It looks stylish and is inexpensive. Above all, it comes packed with features.

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You can choose to get readings in either Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees, or even both. This infrared thermometer is FDA approved. You can get measurements widely ranging from Fahrenheit degrees to Fahrenheit degrees or Celsius to Celsius. You can use this in the kitchen, the bath, in the garage, or for anything outdoors. This infrared thermometer has a distance to spot ratio of Targeting or aiming is super easy thanks to the ergonomic smart design.

The exterior of this infrared thermometer has a sweat-proof finish so you can use this gadget in any sweaty home repair project you undertake. The infrared thermometer weighs only Using is as easy as pie. Just point, adjust aim and pull the trigger to get readings instantaneously. The backlit LCD screen clearly displays results in large fonts. Your email address will not be published. Steven Patton. Related Articles:. Best Cheap Smartwatches. Best Battery Chargers.