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The brand has always been very engaging with the customers by sharing many deals such as Kohls 30 off coupon code and many other Kohl’s in store coupon allowing customers to save big time. The brand offers its own credit card to customers which is called Kohl’s Charge Card.

This is a great way to search for deals in the bargain basement. The problem is that this option doesn't work well with the Indian iTunes Store. It shows singles for Rs. Similarly, it shows albums under Rs.

Surprisingly there are a bunch of albums from artistes such as Bach and Mozart for Rs. Some of the categories you can search through also make very little sense - for example, German Pop is a category, and Gangnam Style is a top song in this category. The Indian store also doesn't show deals on anything but music.

Legacy Recordings

You can also change the store region from the app's settings to check deals in other regions. Once you find something you like, just tap on the price and you're taken to the iTunes store to complete the purchase. Setting up notifications Tap any of the songs, albums or other digital content in the app and you can set a price alert, which will send you a notification when that item gets a price cut. One of CheapCharts' features is the ability to play all song previews in an album one after the other, which is a handy addition that lets you quickly decide if an album is for you.

The iTunes Store app only lets you manually play each preview and doesn't queue these. The music section has another feature that other categories don't - Artist Radar. This lets you add your favourite artistes to a list and the app then alerts you whenever there's a sale featuring their songs or albums.

Too many notifications can get really annoying. Thankfully CheapCharts lets you customise alerts so that you don't get notified about deals you'd rather not see.

For Movies, TV Shows and more

You can disable alerts for entire categories such as movies or books or even for sub-categories such as singles or albums. You can also disable notifications by genre or choose only to get notified for music in the top list.

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Another neat feature is scheduled notifications, which gathers notifications and sends them to you up to thrice a day - at scheduled intervals. One look at the app makes it clear that the developers' first language isn't English, but grammatical errors and some region-related bugs aside, it works as advertised. We really like the app's design and the way it lets you narrow down the number of alerts you want to receive. That coupled with its ability to find the best deals makes it a must have.

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