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Share this product. Manufactured in Romania in the s, this product is very economical, reliable, and rugged. It has been stored in sealed metal cans since being produced and comes on 5 round stripper clips. Each round has a berdan-primed lacquer-coated steel casing sporting a full metal jacket bullet for maximum penetration upon impact.

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8MM Mauser

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This product appears to have free shipping based on a specified order amount. See product page for details. The cartridges made for sniping were manufactured to the strictest standards, and are comparable to match ammunition made today. The 8mm Mauser is mostly found in the United States, chambered in surplus Gewehr 98 rifles and short Karabiner 98k rifles.

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Hunters like the cartridge for its effectiveness on game of medium size. The proper ammo easily reaches out with effectiveness to more than yards, taking bear, boar and deer.

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Blaser, Steyr, Mauser and Zastava are some of the better known companies that still make hunting rifles in this caliber. The shooter today should know that not all cartridges that carry the 8mm Mauser or 7. The M88 cartridge, also sold with the name 8x57J, cannot be fired from most military surplus Mauser rifles or civilian rifles, as the bore of these rifles is sized for a 0.

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There are rimmed versions of the 8x57J as well as the 8mm Mauser, and the buyer should know for sure which version their rifle fires before committing to an ammunition purchase. The 8mm Mauser has a long record of excellent service, and it has earned the respect of many hunters and target shooters alike — all of whom will certainly keep using this great cartridge for many years to come. Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only.